Window Spots And How To Get Rid Of Them

When you run your car through the wash, the result should be a spotless finish that's clean from top to bottom. But if you're noticing a lot of window spots, as well as spots throughout your vehicle caused by water, even after a towel dry, it can be challenging to determine exactly what went wrong. Here are a few potential types of issues regarding window spots and water spots and what you might want to consider doing to remedy the problem.

Avoid Storing Your Vehicle In The Elements
In some cases, depending on where you live, you may not be able to provide adequate shelter for your car. If a carport or garage is out of reach, try using a car cover when you're vehicle is not in use. Certain types of water exposure, including acid rain, can be a significant contributor to the development of spots on the exterior of your vehicle. The acidic effect of acid rain, including the elevated amount of hydrogen ions can easily damage the paint on your car. Stopping off at a Mr. Clean Car Wash location can help to reduce the effects of acid rain and accumulating water spots on your vehicle's paint. A clay bar treatment helps to target paint oxidation, overspray and acid rain build up.

Get Frequent Car Washes
The water spots on your windshield and the painted surface of your vehicle could be caused by a variety of reasons, including:

  • Acid rain exposure if you live or drive through a highly polluted environment.
  • Mineral buildup from exposure to a non-filtered water source.
  • Salt accumulation from saltwater particles.

If the paint on your vehicle is older or in poor condition, oxidation may have occurred. This means that paint is degenerating and becomes porous for attracting materials. The result leaves behind spots and stains that are hard to eliminate. Your Mr. Clean Car Wash Specialist will be able to use a step wax process which targets oxidation and other surface contaminants. You'll end up with a lasting shine that also protects your vehicle from further stain and damage.

Seek An Interior Detail
Water spots can also show up on the interior of your vehicle as well. These are generally caused from staining or accidental water splashes during everyday use. The best way to target interior water stains is to use ammonia-free based products to wipe away all contaminants that may be contributing to spots and streaks. Wipe any residue away with a soft, towel to prevent scratching and stain reoccurrence. Take away the hard work by hiring a technician from Mr. Clean Car Wash to give you a professional interior cleaning that focuses on window cleaning and protecting hard surfaces that are prone to water spots.

Keep A Towel Handy
In between professional cleanings from Mr. Clean Car keep your vehicle as dry and clean as possible. If your car has been exposed to acid rain or a hard water sprinkler system, try to stop by Mr. Clean Car Wash for a quick rinse. If you're unable to visit a location, keep your vehicle 's exterior as dry as possible. This can help prevent water spots from forming.

Water spots are a bothersome effect of owning a vehicle, no matter how clean you keep it. Let the experts at Mr. Clean Car Wash help make your car shine year round.